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Small daily actions for big positive changes

We all want to look after our mental wellbeing, but this can be hard to do - especially in challenging times. This program helps you learn simple daily actions which are proven to give you a boost and help you feel happier.

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10 Days of Happiness is a free online program to boost your wellbeing, through daily actions for happier living.

It is designed for challenging times, based on the latest research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural science.

And it takes just a few minutes each day!

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“I loved the different activities that helped me to focus on positives at a very uncertain time”


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Introducing Abi

Hello, I'm Abi, your happiness coach.

Each day I'll send you a new research-backed activity. All of my messages are written by happiness experts.

How it works


Every morning you receive a message with a new activity.


You write your response to each day’s activity.

All your responses are kept private. We will never share your data.


These simple actions boost your wellbeing day by day.

“I loved that I could write my ideas and got the message with them. This made me accountable to you and to myself about my goals.”


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About the Program

Action for Happiness developed this free coaching program during the Covid-19 pandemic. The program is based on the 10 Keys to Happier Living, and is designed to give an uplifting overview of the building blocks to happier living in just 10 days. It can be used in good and bad times to give your happiness boost and remind you of what is important.

Abi is voiced by Isobel Adomakah Young.

She is illustrated and animated by Phoebe and Angie at ARC.

Happiness for everyone

Access to health and happiness is unequal across our society which is why Action for Happiness is committed to offering free and inclusive resources. The pandemic had a deep emotional effect on people and we know it made existing health and economic inequalities worse. In particular women and BAME communities reported consistently worse mental health than other groups across every measure.

The 10 days program is a high-quality, evidence-based, accessible introduction to happiness available free to everyone who speaks English and has access to email, and it is available free by SMS in the UK.